Top 10 websites with upcoming hackathons and tech conferences for 2019

Programming events are one of the best ways for coding specialists to improve their skills, introduce themselves to other programmers and otherwise partake in the industry. For many, it’s an opportunity to get out and use your skills in a way your current role doesn’t require. So, the only real question then, is where to find such upcoming hackathons and competitive programming challenges?

Fortunately, the internet is a big place and there are many sites and platforms that can help you find the most interesting events. Whether you want something challenging, something with a large cash prize, or just something quick and simple to keep you on your toes, there are plenty of websites to choose from. Of course, you likely don’t have the time to choose them all, so it helps to narrow down your choices. To get you started, here are the best platforms according to us for keeping up to date with upcoming hackathons happening throughout the year — and even further beyond!


Crossweb offers a vast range of events, tech conferences and training options. With a strong IT and programming focus, there are plenty of coding challenges and competitions available across Poland. With a very robust calendar, Crossweb is ideal for Polish tech talents looking to engage in as many different ways as possible, from conferences and training to competitive programming, so there is often something available to suit specific skill sets throughout the year.


Hackevents strives to combine all hackathons and similar events in one place. However, it’s hard to argue that it has accomplished this — while it does cover plenty of upcoming events, it’s not a perfect solution. It’s arguable no one site can showcase all upcoming hackathons and coding competitions out there, but Hackevents certainly comes closer than most! Nonetheless, the platform is a worthwhile site to check in on once in a while. It’s search features allow you to filter by your own requirements, while limited geographical searching is also available.


DevPost is a popular platform for finding upcoming hackathons and solving challenges in teams. The site lets developers search by both onsite and online challenges, ensuring you can readily find the events that suit your specific criteria. You can also search by end date and prize amount, if you’re searching specifically for competitive programming events. The reason DevPosts is popular is that it stores your data in a profile, so you get an overview of your experience and progress across all the programming challenges you’ve taken part in. Many programmers go here for the social, networking aspects and the ability to keep track of their own progress more than anything else.

Hackathons Near Me

The name is simple enough to understand: Hackathons Near Me specialises in letting programmers find hackathons in specific geographical areas. This includes both country and city, allowing people to really hone in on local, smaller scale events. It’s a straightforward concept that’s designed to provide a useful solution for a specific, vital niche. However, similar to Hackevents, this is essentially a listings website with a more sophisticated UI. Being able to find local events ensures this is a site that many programmers like to keep an eye on, but sometimes it can be hard to find these events, especially in countries outside of North America.

Hackathon IO

Of all the platforms that claim to scour the web for upcoming hackathons and programming challenges, none are as robust as Hackathon IO. The site has a deep and broad selection of contests to choose from, with great search functionality, whether its location, date or even industry category. However, what makes Hackathon IO stand out the most is its social tools. Looking to partner up with someone for an upcoming tech conference, or even just want to find someone to work on a project with? This platform enables that, making it very popular with programmers interested in team-based challenges and not just solo-entries.


While it’s clearly not built with this specifically in mind, Facebook’s ability to create communities has ultimately ensured that programmers and developers can keep in the loop — as long as you’re in the right groups. Hackathon Hackers is one such group, with over 60,000 members. Want to talk, meet other people and ask about upcoming events? This is one place where you can likely find new and interesting challenges on the horizon.

If you want more groups to join, where you can always find upcoming hackathons, tech conferences and a growing passionate community, we also manage two of our own. Our Polish Hackathon group focuses on coding challenges within our native country, while our Hackathons Worldwide community shares programming contests from around the globe. We’ll help keep you up to date with our upcoming challenges and, furthermore, you can join our passionate network of developers at the same time!


If you’re looking for upcoming tech conferences this year, Confs.Tech does exactly as it suggests. The platform offers a simple, yet surprisingly robust calendar. Perhaps the biggest appeal here is the ease of filtering. Whether you’re looking for Javascript or Python, AI or DevOps, you can easily choose the categories that apply to you. Confs.Tech also offers the same functionality for countries. Want to find an upcoming tech conference in your country? Use these features and get an instant overview of everything that platform has in seconds.


While the platform is designed for a wide range of occasions, rather than purely IT-focused, Eventbrite regularly lists a number of engaging hackathons and challenges in various global destinations. If you search by city, you can find a good mix of upcoming tech conferences, hackathons and classes. Similar to Conf.Tech, Eventbrite’s easy searchability greatly makes it stand out. While it offers numerous non-IT related topics as well, the ability to filter down by topics and locations ensures you can easily find available programming contests in your chosen area with minimal effort!


If you’re looking for technology conferences this year, Bizzabo already has a guide full of upcoming summits and talks to fill your calendar! The Bizzabo guide is separated by month, but also includes events from all over, so you can readily find something engaging in a reachable location. Likewise, if you want to plan for any large scale gatherings, this guide links out to official websites, so you can get all the information you need in just a few clicks.


While many of the previously mentioned sites can feature a wide arrange of events, here at ChallengeRocket, we believe in helping programmers push themselves and develop their skills as much as possible. We do this through both online and onsite hackathons and coding challenges, working with leading companies and presenting modern challenges in today’s world. We do this primarily with engaging hackathons and online coding challenges. However, we also appreciate the community we have created — we’re always keeping everyone informed on interesting conferences and developments within the IT world.

As for our own events, through creating custom challenges that aim to answer today’s problems, as well as insightful post-event data, we’ve created a site that empowers coders to focus on personal growth. We do this by working with numerous companies to create the best events. This includes online coding challenges, as well as larger hackathons. Each event is unique, focusing on specific needs and problems from various industries. We’ve worked with the likes of NVIDIA, Mercari and ING Bank for such content, showcasing a wide range of real-world problems across various sectors, while Facebook for Developers considers us the “world’s best solution for software developers and engineers to assess and improve their technical skills.”

Start exploring

If you’re considering participating in more summits, hackathons or challenges this year, don’t let a lack of worthwhile events be the excuse not to commit. There are numerous such opportunities happening all over the world and, with these sites, you’ll know exactly where to look to find them. And if you want to get a quick overview at events happening this January, you can check the list of them here.



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