Top 10 of Programming Languages With The Highest Salaries In 2017

Which programming language will be the most popular in 2017? What skills will prove to be the highest paying? What competences will be sought-after by companies and institutions among candidates for jobs in the IT sector? We will find out knowledge of which programming languages will prove to be the most lucrative in the US this year. We will look closely at the United States, as this is where the market for new technologies is growing the fastest. It is in Silicon Valley where trends are created that have an impact on the rest of the world. This is also the market that has been the most thoroughly studied and attracts the interest of both large companies and skilled IT employees.

The world is changing very fast. One technology is replaced with another. Some tools supported by large corporations may constantly develop. Others fall into oblivion when they prove less efficient, fast and useful. Creating a ranking of the highest paying programming languages is not about stating that PHP is better than Matlab and Java Script than Python. Tools that are the most popular among developers may differ from those that are really sought-after by the labour market. Higher technical schools have always supported languages such as Java, C++ or Matlab. Computing graduates usually present very high level of programming skills in these languages. However, this is the market that decides whether these abilities will be useful and needed.

Programming languages — how many of them are there?

The both lists should therefore be treated as titbits and may be used for checking with which of the listed languages we are familiar and of which we do not have the faintest idea.

In our ranking of 10 highest paying programming languages in 2017 we solely focus on popular, used and constantly developing languages.

GitHub annually publishes a popularity ranking of tools used for work by its users. In 2016, it recorded more than 19 million active repositories and nearly 6 million active users. In its official report 3 we can find such pieces of information as the most commonly used open source licenses (MIT, Apache-2.0 and GNU General Public License v3.0) and the most popular programming language (JavaScript, Java, Python, and Ruby).

TOP 15 GitHub ranking number of pull requests / as compared to 2015

TIOBE, in turn, is a Dutch company which is engaged in tracking and assessing software quality. It verifies whether specific IT systems are developed according to universally accepted standards specific to a given language. TIOBE runs an index of programming languages that are most searched in search engines. In January 2017, Java was ranked first, followed by C, and then C++ and Visual Basic Analysts point to a significant decline in C’s popularity (starting from November 2015). This may be related to the fact that C is not the first language that comes to mind when we think about the creation of a new mobile application or website. The reason for the decrease in its popularity may be also that it is not developing particularly strongly and there is no large company that would promote it.

TOP 5 TIOBE ranking from 01.2017 as compared to searches from January 2016

Which programming languages will be the highest paying in 2017?

Ranking of programming languages with the highest salaries in 2017

10. SQL

At the end of 2016 the average salary of SQL Developers in the US amounted to $71,227 per year. Given the frequency of occurrence of the above mentioned databases in many companies, organizations and institutions, experts predict that in 2017 specialists using the language in their work may expect a remuneration of even $80,000.

9. C#

8. JavaScript

7. R

6. C

5. Perl

4. C++

3. Python

2. Objective-C

1. Java

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