Top most interesting AI news from the last month

Each day brings new information about the development of artificial intelligence. We chose the most interesting for you.


Way of the Future is a new religion whose followers will create their own god — Artificial Intelligence. The originator of this cult is Anthony Levandowski, a former Google engineer.


Chatbots are used for a variety of tasks: ordering pizza, getting product suggestions via Facebook Messenger and receiving online customer support. But can they cope with death?


New research seeks to use artificial intelligence to identify people suffering from suicidal thoughts based on brain scans alone.


China will set up a world’s first AI-enhanced police station. SF movies visions of future are becoming more and more real.


AI like DEA? A team of medical researchers in San Diego created an unsupervised AI to look for signs of illegal opioid trafficking on Twitter


Meanwhile… Case Cruncher Alpha AI program has obtained better results than lawyers from some of the most prestigious law firms in London in a claim case related to the field of finance.


Farmers in Russia, Brazil and Argentina will be replaced by robots? The goal of the program is to sustainably increase the efficiency of the key indicators of domestic agricultural enterprises through the use of robotic systems and AI.


If you feel inspired to do the next great things in AI and robotics, show it to the world! NVIDIA is challenging developers to show how to transform robotics, industrial Internet of Things, healthcare, security or any other industry into an advanced AI solution. Win fame, money and a trip to Silicon Valley! :)



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