The Most Intriguing Events In The IT Industry This June 2019 [overview]

A new season is around the corner and the world around us is changing fast. Let’s follow Nature’s lead and be open to everything new in the form of yet-to-be-gained knowledge and experience. Hackathons, online and coding challenges, and all kinds of conferences in Germany, China, Poland and many other countries are springing up very very soon. Are you ready for whatever excitement June brings? Look through a list of events in June 2019 — all of which have been carefully curated for you.


31.05–02.06 — CryptoChicks Hackathon (Toronto, Canada)

If you are obsessed with blockchain or AI, attend this 2-in-1 event — CryptoChicks — which fuses a conference and a hackathon. The organizers’ mission is to boost women’s leadership and professional potential in blockchain and AI technologies via a myriad of opportunities, such as mentorship, education, business and diverse employment. What’s more, you will be hearing from industry experts as well as getting involved in panels, debates, workshops — you might even get the chance to discuss things with the Robot Sophia AI.

Prizes: Unannounced right now — keep visiting the hackathon’s official website to stay updated!

31.05–02.06 — Open Banking Hackathon (Warsaw, Poland)

Could you be the one to bring clever solutions into the payment sector? The Open Banking Hackathon event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. Using a Polish API, come up with innovative solutions for banks, payment institutions and IT companies to promote open banking.

Prizes: Grand prize for the best team — 10,000 PLN.

2.06 — TurnerHacks (Brampton, Canada)

If you’ve ever dreamt about a non-stop full day of coding, TurnerHacks will make this dream come true. It’s a 12-hour hackathon with plenty of workshops, knowledge, food and fun on offer. Go ahead and explore new and emerging technologies with other passionate participants and maybe, just maybe, you will win prizes from the hackathon’s sponsors. Make this Sunday a productive one by taking part in TurnerHacks, and learn a thing or two!

Prizes: Unannounced right now — keep visiting hackathon’s official website to stay updated!

8–9.06 — Techsylvania (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Are you more of a marathon runner than a sprinter? No problem, take part in Techsylvania where you will be able to showcase your passion for financial products during a 24-hour-long hackathon. This year’s challenge focusses on PSD2 — Revised Payments Service Directive in the Fintech industry. The main aim is to promote the development of financial technology for each and every consumer. One day is all it takes!

Prizes: Unannounced right now — keep visiting the hackathon’s official website to stay updated!

24–25.06 — Hackathon Wizja Rozwoju 2019 (Gdynia, Poland)

Breaking news! Announcing a 12-hour hackathon taking place during the top economics conference in Northern Poland — Forum Wizja Rozwoju. During the hackathon, you will have an opportunity to create innovative solutions for your own city. To succeed in your project, you’ll avail yourself of technologies such as Open Data, Blockchain and Open Innovation to create something valuable for your metropolitan area! It’s all happening in Gdynia on the Baltic Sea — see you there!

Prizes: 20.000 PLN

Online creative challenges

The Brain Race

The brain is the most important organ, according to the brain! If you have bright ideas about how to improve the quality of life for brain tumor patients, don’t keep it to yourself, share it at The Brain Race challenge! The Brain Race offers the opportunity to develop and present your awesome idea, or your commercially viable invention, to investors and industry experts. The judges will select 15 of the most promising innovations. Who knows — maybe you will be one of the chosen Brainiacs!

Prizes: $2,000

Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge

Are you the type of person who is searching for answers to the most unsettling questions of our time? Are you a seeker of solutions to issues in various spheres, from political elections to macro-economic indicators, or even to the outbreak of epidemics? By taking part in the second edition of the Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge, you will be able to meld your own thoughts with other people’s forecasts. This challenge is a unique chance to enhance your research capabilities, contribute to global security and enhance humanitarian activities.

Prizes: $250,000

Tech to Protect Challenge

Superheroes protect people, and you can too by trying your hand in The Tech to Protect Challenge. It is a national open innovation contest where you will be called to help emergency medical responders, firefighters and police to fulfill their mission. Team up with numerous entrepreneurs, inventors, researchers, scientists, emergency responders in order to protect humanity!

Prizes: $2,200,000

Live coding challenges

Challenge yourself with some programming tasks! Below you’ll find some we’ve created especially for you. It’s all about fun and getting your name onto the Hi-Score leaderboard.

The Sequence Of Power

Do the math! In this straightforward programming task, you are asked to check if a sequence provided second is the square of the first one. Puzzling!

Pokemon Writing

It’s unimaginable! You’re a student one step from graduation — you’ve handed in your Master’s thesis but disaster strikes! To graduate, your promoter has inexplicably asked you to rewrite your whole dissertation in pokemon script! Whatever, your priority now is to rapidly code a pokemon script converter which converts each first letter into uppercase and each second letter into lower case (while ignoring spaces).

Color Parser

Taste the rainbow! You are probably familiar with different color formats such as HEX and RGB. Now your task is simply to create a color converter which will change the HEX format into the RGB format.

Brackets Checker

Brackets are everywhere, in all shapes and sizes — parentheses, square brackets, curly brackets…and brackets are crucial to programming. This is why it’s vital to type them in a way that is totally valid. Write code that checks if a given string has properly closed brackets. {Easy!}

Nordea Java Challenge

In partnership with Nordea — the best-known bank in Northern Europe — the Nordea Java Challenge throws down the gauntlet to check your skills in Java — snap up cash prizes so Nordea can be the bank of the future!

Prize: 15.000 PLN


3–4.06 — Confidence (Cracow, Poland)

Meet a variety of tech talents all in one location at CONFidence — the biggest IT security conference in CEE. Enjoy advanced lectures, real-life examples, and innovative solutions under discussion. What’s more, CONFidence is not just a conference, it’s a camp-like event with lots of swag, extra lectures, attractions and a new project — CONFidence Class — which supports the education of IT experts in the realm of security.

6–7.06 — World Congress 2019 (We are developers) (Berlin, Germany)

Join international tech leaders at the World Congress 2019 to discuss the hottest IT topics under the title “People — Code — Future”. This event represents a bridge between leading technology companies and the European developer community. The fourth edition of this conference expects more than 10,000 participants in a unique building complex — the CityCube of Messe Berlin. To be there, get your ticket today!

10.06 — Just DevOps 2019 (Katowice, Poland)

Is lean business your thing? How about if you suddenly got to know all about the latest technologies and methodologies in this field? The organizers of the Just DevOps conference are happy to help! Boost delivery cycles, accelerate changes in functionality and improve the quality of delivery with the knowledge you gain from the Just DevOps conference!

10–13.06 — Mobile Data Management 2019 (Hong Kong, China)

Mobile Data Management is the premier place for exchanging significant research results and experience in the field of mobile data management. This is the opportunity to connect academic research knowledge with the experience of practitioners. Attend the most prestigious forum on mobile data management, in Hong Kong!

12–13.06 — AI Summit (London, UK)

If you wish to explore the whole potential of AI, join AI Summit — the flagship event for London Tech Week 2019. Network with world-leading organizations, meet the brightest minds and gather together the most important insights about AI from representatives from many industries, all in just one day!

16–20.06 — International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC) (Umeå, Sweden)

Immerse yourself in the world of autonomic computing techniques, foundations, and applications at ICAC. Ready yourself for valuable knowledge on how to maximize performance and minimize costs thanks to autonomic computing. This is an unmissable international conference with the chance to mingle with top representatives from all over the world!

18.06 — Open source w biznesie (Warsaw, Poland)

Open for business? Yep, this is Poland’s first conference about open source and its practical application in business. At the event, you will bump into lots of committed participants in the field of open source software and have a chance to look more closely at open CRM and ERP systems. What’s more, you will discover a variety of solutions on offer to all kinds of businesses.

24–27.06 — Devoxx Poland 2019 (Cracow, Poland)

Haven’t you heard about Devoxx Poland 2019? It’s a 3-day-long event which includes networking, hacking and learning opportunities for developers. 3 days, 2,500 Devoxxians, 100 speakers, 20 countries and 600K participants online. Devoxx is the biggest Java conference in Poland — how could you not go?

28–29.06 — Quality Excites (Gliwice, Poland)

Are you serious about quality? If so, the Quality Excites conference is designed for you and other participants devoted to software quality standards. This year’s edition is unique as the organizers have changed the conference formula. Intrigued? This year, for the first time, software quality standards are being viewed from the very first stages of a project, which means that Quality Excites has been expanded to include programming topics! Sounds exciting!

Let’s make your first month of summer much more fulfilling with new-found knowledge and wildly varied experiences!

It’s time to be more open to travel and learning new trends in the IT industry. Don’t make these the ‘lazy days of summer’, fill your spare time by taking part in challenges somewhere out there in the world.

See even more upcoming challenges straightaway! Don’t forget to join our Facebook groups with hackathons worldwide and in Poland. Which tech events were featured in May? Read other eye-opening overviews on our blog and keep visiting to stay updated!



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