The best upcoming hackathons & tech conferences in February 2019

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For many people in the IT industry, events are the best way to keep in touch with new developments, network and otherwise improve your own knowledge and experience. Whether you want to do this via tech conferences — where leading experts share cutting edge findings and announcements — or hackathons and challenges that push your own tech talent and problem solving skill, there are plenty of options available. We’re here to help you find them!

Looking to engage in competitive programming events, workshops or seminars in February? Here, we’ve collected some of the best events of their type, handpicked from various global locations to help you make the most of February! To help you out even further, we’ve separated them by onsite hackathons, online coding challenges and tech conferences, so you can jump straight to the section that holds your interest.

Upcoming Hackathons

2–3.02 — McHacks 6 (Montreal, Canada)

The 6th McHacks competition once again brings people together to create innovative new solutions. These hackathons combine seasoned veterans and amateurs into one fun, creative weekend. People will be attending from across North America, with transport services available for those coming from key cities. If you need a team for the event, don’t worry, the friendly staff at McHacks will ensure you’re partnered up! Likewise, if you want to learn something new, workshops will be available to help teach some new skills.

Prize: Unannounced right now — be sure to keep watch!

Source: McHacks

2–3.02 — Auburn Hacks (Auburn, USA)

The University of Auburn is making its first steps into hackathon events this year, with an onsite event held over 2 days. The contest is open to newcomers and experts alike, with workshops and other activities available as well. This competition looks to encourage creative thinking and collaboration, with some exciting challenges lined up — all to be announced on the day.

Prize: Unannounced right now — be sure to keep watch!

9–10.02 — ADDIHacks (California State University, Long Beach, USA)

ADDIHacks is an open hackathon for teams looking to challenge issues relating to the “development of growth within our cities and the future of work”. The prize structure allows teams to compete for more than one award while, for those just looking to learn more, coding workshops and classes will also be on-site!

Prize: Teams can win up to $3,000 for 1st place, $1,500 for 2nd and $500 for 3rd.

9–10.02 — HackDavis Hackathon (University of California, Davis, USA)

The 4th annual HackDavis Hackathon is looking to be very open ended. There’s no restraint on what you build or how you build it, as long as it fits one of the three main themes: Health, Environment and Education. Meet up with other students and hackers over a two day weekend and create something new.

Prize: The prize pool has over $8,000 to give away!

9–10.02 — Hack(H)er413 (Amherst, USA)

Hack(H)er413 is one of the first all-female and non-binary hackathons! The event offers attendees a weekend full of workshops and mentoring. Of course, the coding challenge is also a big draw, with challenges in three key areas related to the themes of the event: Create Solutions, Inspire Change and Empower Each Other!

Prize: The event will offer a mix of cash and technology prizes across all categories.

Source: Hack(H)er413

9–10.02 — Hacklahoma (Norman, USA)

Students that can make it to the University of Oklahoma are welcome to participate in the aptly named Hacklahoma — a hackathon open to teams of up to 4. With plenty of sponsors and a broad, open challenge, this is set to be a very innovative, creative weekend.

Prize: Unannounced right now — be sure to keep watch!

14–15.02 —Delen Hack Days (Antwerp, Belgium)

Delen Private Bank’s upcoming Hackathon challenge is open to students and experts a like. While any background is welcome, whether it’s web developers, UI or even VR, the theme of this hackathon is very much regarding the banking and financing industry — the two day event looks to solve some real challenges faced by the industry, so get thinking!

Prize: There’s no cash up for grabs, but a number of physical prizes will be available for various categories, such as the most votes and best user experience awards.

15–17.02 — TreeHacks 2019 (Stanford University, Stanford, USA)

If you’re looking for an intense competitive programming weekend, TreeHacks might just be it! Over three days, this onsite hackathon will give out awards in three verticals: Safety, Health and Awareness. It’s not all hacking and creative programming, however, as the three days are spaced out with the likes of laser tag and yoga to keep you refreshed and engaged!

Prize: The event will offer a mix of cash and technology prizes across all categories.

Source: TreeHacks

23–24.02 — DeveloperWeek Hackathon 2019 (San Francisco, USA)

Get a group of passionate developers, programmers and other tech talent together and a coding challenge is bound to happen! DeveloperWeek, as the name suggests, is a week long event for those in the industry, but it also features its own 2-day, onsite Hackathon! The event is well known for its staggering cash pool across numerous categories, with some fierce competition.

Prize: Prizes are spread out among categories. First place awards range from $1,000 to $20,000, with additional bonuses and secondary prizes available. Be sure to read the full list and choose your events accordingly.

Upcoming Code Challenges

21–12–21.02 — Rockwell Automation C++ Challenge (Online)

We’ve teamed up with Rockwell Automation to offer an online coding challenge for tech talent skilled in C++ and C. This has been running since December, but you have until February 21st to register, take part and submit! In addition to cash prizes, this contest looks to tackle the challenges of Industry 4.0 and offers a fun, engaging contest for those who like to be creatively challenged!

Prize: 1st Place = 10,000 PLN (gross) — 2nd Place = 4,000 PLN (gross) — 3rd Place = 3,000 PLN (gross)


3–6.02 — Software Architecture Conference (New York, USA)

Software architecture is an ever-changing landscape and this 4 day event offers one of the best chances to dive in and explore the topic. Guest speakers will attend from around the world, discussing the likes of building microservices, scaling your architecture and more! However, one notable aspect of this conference is that the first two days offer training and workshops, while the latter two offer tutorial workshops and the main conference itself, which certainly helps with planning and attending everything.

Source: Software Architecture Conference

5–8.02 — Integrated Systems Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

As the name suggests, this four day event is all about integrating systems and creating streamlined efficiency. If this interests you, this four day event looks to be the biggest yet, with over 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 guests attending. In terms of content, you can expect lots of talks and discussions on five key industries and verticals: XR, Digital Cinema, Digital Signage, Hospitality and Visitor Attractions.

7.02 — App Growth Summit 2019 (Marina Del Rey, California, USA)

If you can make it to sunny California, this one day event is packed full of discussions on all things app-related. From programming and development to managing app stores, there are plenty of talks to enjoy — perfect for those work directly in the app industry and want to stay up to date on the latest developments and changes!

12.02 — Electronic Information Circuit in the Company (Krakow, Poland)

There are series of events taking place in Poland regarding IT solutions in various industries, with one such event taking place in Krakow this February. Want to know how companies are using modern IT technology to refine their business? Stop by talks, presentations and inspiration from a range of industry experts.

13–14.02 — Mobile Growth Summit 2019 (San Francisco, USA)

With over a hundred speakers over 2 days, there’s plenty to take part in at Mobile Growth Summit. While the event tackles all the challenges and mobile products as a whole, from engagement to monetisation, developers will find plenty of topics to enjoy, from programming to mobile data science.

Source: Mobile Growth Summit

16.02 — Kariera IT (Wroclaw, Poland)

If you’re in Poland and want to keep up to date with the latest IT recruitment opportunities, Kariera IT is one of the leading career conferences in the country! There are numerous such events throughout the year, but Kariera IT will be in our home town of Wroclaw! Stop by to meet people from IT companies large and small, as well as other people looking to recruit specific tech talents for their teams.

21–22.02 — Lambda Days 2019 (Krakow, Poland)

If the potential of Lambda technology gets you excited, this is the conference for you. This event features speakers from all over the world discussing the likes of Scala, Haskell, Lisp, Clojure and much, much more! For those who want some more practical experience, workshops will also be available on the day.

25–26.02 — New Work Summit (Half Moon Bay, California)

Hosted by the New York Times, New Work Summit has a focus on emerging technology and how it changes the working landscape. From a tech talent perspective, this year’s event has a core focus on AI, with speakers from the likes of Microsoft and GO intelligence participating.

26.02 — IT in Insurance (Warsaw, Poland)

If you’re looking for an event that narrows down in a specific industry niche, “IT in Insurance” covers exactly what you would expect. Experts will be exploring many of today’s problems — and solutions — including risk management, fraud detection and system integration.

13–14.02 — MWC19 (Barcelona, Spain)

MWC is one of the world’s largest conferences on the topic of mobile technology. This year’s event will feature countless conversations and panels on all areas of development, yet the main theme if “Intelligent Connectivity”, which includes working with the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Source: MWC

19.02 — DataCenter Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland)

If you’re looking for the latest technological trends and developments on databases, DataCenter is the place to go. This one day event will discuss all the tech aspects of managing databases, from securing access to the best tools to use.

27.02 — Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit (Warsaw, Poland)

If your passionate about Big Data from a technical point of view — how to create solutions, how to implement and how to solve problems in this ever-growing industry — Big Data Tech fits as much information as possible into a single day! With four different tracks, with discussions ranging from data engineering and artificial intelligence to Cloud architecture, as well as round tables and workshops, Big Data Tech is a conference for technical people, by technical people.

Plan your February!

As you can see, February is not a quiet month by any means! Whether you’re looking for competitive challenges or large tech conferences to mingle with like-minded IT professionals, you’re spoilt for choice. So, take the time to plan where you want to go, get involved with the community and let us know how it all goes!

If you are excited about taking part in onsite or online hackathons or attending tech conferences, visit our page — the best source to find anything about programming challenges. You can also join our Facebook groups in Poland and worldwide. Do you want to see what the tech world was up to in January? Read the article about events which took place this month. Keep visiting to stay updated!



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