Some cool nature-inspired robots that actually exist! [videos]

2 min readNov 21, 2017


Source: Unsplash

Welcome to robotic zoo! Here’s our list:

  1. First check out this swimming robot!

Careful: You will never go to the swimming pool alone after watching it!

Don’t think that you will retreat to the ocean when robots will attack!

2. Another snake bot here.

But with reggae music is not that scary anymore!

3. Staying in the oceans here’s nice octopus-inspired robot that can grasp, crawl, and swim!

It’s soft but its softness does not mean that it’s weak!

4. Bionic butterflies robots.

From a distance you can hardly distinguish some of those robots from the real ones in the room where they are all together. The weight of each butterfly is only 32 grams (including a pair of small batteries)

5. From the same company (Festa) presenting bionic ant robot.

Not only they transferred the delicate anatomy of ants to mechanical form, but also replicated their cooperative behavior. Robotic ants communicate with each other and work together according to clear rules to solve a common task. Is our end close?

6. The new SpotMini robot from Boston Dynamics.

That was just 25 sec. We don’t know if it’s able to roll over!

Maybe this one will answer the question?

(watch to see more about dog robot from Boston Dynamics)

So who is better — real animals or robots?

This video should answer that questions!

Feel terrified or inspired? Maybe you’ve got any idea for the next animal-inspired robot?

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