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  • Tarana Chawla

    Tarana Chawla

  • Muzli


    The best design inspiration — expertly curated, exactly to your taste.

  • TIME


    Breaking news and current events from around the globe

  • Charlie Jackson

    Charlie Jackson

    Freelance JavaScript Developer. Sometimes write about self development, tech and startup stuff.

  • net magazine

    net magazine

    The No 1 magazine for web designers & developers, established in 1994. Organiser of http://GenerateConf.com. Also see https://medium.com/net-magazine.

  • Jacob Clarke

    Jacob Clarke

    I wanted to be a Jedi when I grew up...Project & Account Management: @AngelHack. Talk to me about startups, accelerators, and blockchain.

  • Vj Anma

    Vj Anma

    Cofounder and CEO - IdeaMarket

  • Richard Bliss

    Richard Bliss

    Architect of Executive Social Strategy, Forbes Contributor, Crowdfunding and Kickstarter Expert, Podcaster, Author, Public Speaker

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