5 reasons your company should organize a hackathon

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Man-power, sleepless nights, organized chaos, months of planning, liters of coffee and some bumps along the way and finally, it all comes together — your hackathon has officially started. Why exactly did you go through all of that? Surely, there needs to be a motive. Here are five good reasons to convince you that organizing such a challenge will benefit your company immensely, and the hassle is completely worth going through.

1. Promote your brand

It’s no secret that big events create quite a bit of a conversation, and you want your company to be the main topic of that chatter. Organizing an interesting hackathon will make your brand’s name be heard, which is always desirable. You will get ahead of your competitors who stick to their guns and take care of their business the usual way. In this day and age being unconventional and different equals being noticed.

2. Find new talents

Hiring talented developers or poaching engineers is always a tough nut to crack considering most are gainfully employed, with satisfying benefits, and in an environment they have become very comfortable and accustomed to over the years. If the hackathon you organize is tempting enough for prospecting talents to take part in, you are halfway through the process, as in case of in-person hackathons — having the right talents gives you an opportunity to conduct an on-site recruitment. We dive deeper into this problem in our SlideShare deck!

3. Acquire new contacts and business partners

Chance are, your organization has held several marketing campaigns to promote key product offerings, however hackathons may not be the go-to approach to attain new leads. In such case, your business will likely need a specialized marketing company like ChallengeRocket.com to take the weight off putting a hackathon into motion.

4. Improve the skills of your team

When your organization conducts a it’s important or ideal that your employees are invited to volunteer and take part in it. Alongside increasing the number of attendants you’re also providing an opportunity for them to gain experience in new territories. Change of environment stimulates new solutions and ideas which can later be applied to challenges your team is facing during their working hours. Such shift of perspective can benefit your company in the long run, because the knowledge they will have gained is bound to improve productivity of your business.

5. Broaden your horizons

When deciding upon a theme of your hackathon it might be good idea to take the opportunity and reach beyond what constitutes to the set of usual challenges you face as a company. NVIDIA, a leader in GPU and AI computing, in partnership with ChallengeRocket.com, has organized a global Challenge focused on Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to encourage the advancement of AI, machine learning and deep learning.

If you decide to follow a similar path, the possibility to expand your business with the knowledge and experience gained in the process will be within arm’s reach.

Benefits of holding such event can be limitless, and it is only up to you to decide whether your business is going to stay ahead of the competitors or keep things simple. But is there anything to wait for? Pick up the phone, move the keyboard closer, and start organizing your own hackathon today!

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of NVIDIA.



ChallengeRocket.com helps companies find and engage top-performing tech talent matched to their open job positions using online recruitment SkillChallenges.

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ChallengeRocket.com helps companies find and engage top-performing tech talent matched to their open job positions using online recruitment SkillChallenges.